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With the increasing number of daily soaps using the same old saas-bahu formula, I had lost hope that the cable TV would ever introduce something that would cater the urban cities. But then Reliance TV made a tremendous attempt to bring in CBS network to the major cities of the country and as a part of this alliance, the urban audiences have got an all together new channel called LOVE BIG CBS.
I would not be wrong to say that until the launch of this channel, there was nothing interesting in store for the urban crowds. At present, due to the wide reach of the cable TV, the television has become an industry that targets the rural parts of India by designing concepts that go down well with rural India and in turn result in high profits for the channel. Everythings just too commercial.
The whole thing is that ke bhaiyya, sabse bada rupaiyya.
But amongst all this, the people who suffered were the poor and hungry urban audiences. Poor and hungry, due to the reason that, since so long, we were deprived of classic urban entertainment.
 The fact that even today on facebook I still find people giving their likes and comments for shows like Small Wonder show the kind of entertainment the urban audiences ONCE liked. As a kid I saw serials like Small Wonder, I Dream Of Jeannie, Bewitched etc. but then, since the time the television industry was affected by a virus called Ekta kapoor, I could do nothing but simply browse and turn off the set.
But now with the introduction of LOVE BIG CBS, the urban crowds have something to cheer about. The list of programs that are aired on this channel speak for themselves. The Oprah Winfrey Show – the greatest talk show to have ever hit this world, The Late Show With David Letterman – best stand up show with the ultimate David Letterman hosting it. Then we  have seasons of Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens. These three shows display pure situational humour hard to miss out on. 
Another interesting thing that I noticed about this newly launched channel was the way it had positioned itself in the market. It has termed itself as a channel for the ‘Urban Contemporary Couple’. The positioning in itself explains the channel’s aim of being launched in urban cities.
LOVE BIG CBS is real entertainment and real fun. After a long time, has come a channel, which has made me addicted to it due to the kind of programs it is offering.
 Hopefully the channel very soon widens its reach so that it is available to a larger chunk of urban audience, as at present, it is only available on limited cable networks.