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Here is Ashish Shakya, writer for television, popular for the scripting of ‘The Week That Wasn’t’ on CNN-IBN, hosted by Cyrus Broacha. Ashish tries his hand at stand up at the weirdass hamateur night and  the way he has given the television great stand up material, he doesn’t disappoint when he performs.

Rohan Joshi is a stand up comedian. This one is from the Hamateur Night where he performed and got an awesome response. A great act for a young budding comedian.

Russel Peters performing one of the best stand up gags you will ever witness. The timing, the punches and the comparisons are just amazing. If you haven’t seen Russel Peters performing ever, then with this gag you will become his fan and if you are his fan you will laugh your ass out the moment he says, SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT REAL BAD.