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get older to taste the old monk

The government bodies in India, be it at the state or at the centre, are always known for the amusing rules they create and the unexplainable laws they introduce.  Every now and then the government gives a glimpse of how reckless they can be. And this time it was the turn of the Maharshtra state government to show their dim-wittedness. The Maharashtra state government passed a rule which stated that the legal age for alcohol consumption has been raised from 21 years to 24 years. Ridiculous isn’t it?!

The beer babies who are depressed with this law can smile because the rule is only for those consuming alcohol, so those kids drinking a Kingfisher strong or four cans of Fosters can continue having their baby fodder.

The state government’s new rule can be termed as an act of imprudence. I would have been more happy if the state government would have focused more on repairing their faulty alcohol detecting meters rather than introducing something as silly as this. The age to drink legally in Maharshtra is now 24 years, which now means there will be more breaking the law than before. Earlier it was 21 years and yet there were people breaking the law. Now if the government thinks their new act will reduce the number of youngsters resorting to alcohol during parties or KT’s, then they are either sleeping or their kids haven’t ever tried a peg apart from breezer.

The point of introducing a law that is bound to be broken is as silly as Pritam pleading and saying he has not copied music till date. Rules should be made with purpose that they will be followed. Today a majority of youngsters try alcohol as soon as they step into college. And there is nothing illegal about it. After all it is all healthy celebration. Not as healthy as I quoted though.

The country terms an 18 year old as an adult and gives them the right of choosing a government to run the country then why suddenly these small things like drinking become a big issue. With laws like these, the government is just encouraging people to break laws and disrupt discipline. I am sure the day this rule was created, the bars around the city must have been filled with all 20 something’s raising a toast and laughing at the country and the useless democrats that are ruling them. The after-effects of the rule for sure will be seen but only for a few days. I am optimistic about the fact that the next time I go to wine shop, the shopkeeper will ask for my age proof and when I say I am 20, he will say he can’t sell it. Then will start the easiest bribing game. Go behind the shop, give him 20 bucks extra and mission accomplished. RS in hand. Law broken, corruption sustained.

I was 17 when I first tasted vodka and then came whisky and when I discovered rum, I was so overjoyed sipping the monk that I felt like a Columbus who had just discovered America. There is no doubt there might be several more like me who started out at similar time or even earlier than  that if not late. I broke the law and so did a chunk of others of my age. But what could we do? The law even then was unrealistically drawn that it was never going to be taken seriously by anyone and the new one now, has just added to that idiocy.

The crux of the matter is that, the people coming up with such rules should first give a thought to what they are doing. What’s the use creating something that even the creators know is going to be destroyed? Isn’t it better to come up with something that will be followed?

Drinking is an individual’s choice and not the choice of the government. But still if they say they are concerned about our livers and kidneys then the figure 18 is just fine. Not drinking till 24 is as tough as solving those tenth standard D group sums. Real task. Can’t wait till 24, if I do, I would start drinking in depression. It’s our life, let’s make it large. No promotion intended.