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Even the 99 virgins are scared of this man
The biggest news that hit the world today was the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden. After almost a decade since he had plotted one of the deadliest attacks in the USA by bombing the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre, his death today, can be marked as one of the most important dates in the modern era.
The Americans  are all gaga over this victory that they are terming is a victory of the American citizens. Listening to the speech given by Mr. Barrack Obama, I was surprised to hear how many times he said that ‘this is the victory of the American citizens’. I agree its a victory but it would have been much better if Mr. President would have termed this operation as a victory of mankind because the crash of the twin towers was not the only terrorist activity that shook the world. There were several more such things and there were several other nations trying their best to fight terrorism.
On one hand where the Americans are celebrating, our country is up with a big worry. And this worry is due to the fact that the Al Qaeda leader was shot dead in the neighbouring  Pakistan. The Pakistani’s since long have been denying their connection with terrorism but now the Osama death clearly shows the country is being a shelter to major terrorist organizations. This death of the polygamy master has not only created a big question mark on Pakistan and its so-called support to fight terrorism but has also given our country first hand proof and reason as to why we were blaming their state for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.
Meanwhile, as I am writing this blog watching the news flashing on my TV set, I see the most hilarious response that has come in from across the border. As I am typing here that terrorism has a Pakistani connect, the Pakistan government has just said that ‘The death of Laden in Pakistan shows that even Pakistan is supporting terrorism since we allowed the CIA to undertake this operation in our country’. No one was aware of this CIA operation until Obama came up with the press conference to inform the public about it. The response from Pakistan could not have been more dumb. I wish those handling the state of Pakistan soon get some brains to work with.
The end of this husband of a million wives might be termed as just a beginning to the World’s unanimous fight against terrorism.
May God Bless Us and May God Bless……THE WORLDJ Sometimes it fun to be sarcastic.