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After being in the news for months together, Prince William finally got hitched to his love, Kate Middleton, in what could be termed as the most high profile weddings ever witnessed on planet earth.
The most talked about thing in this wedding was the live coverage that made this wedding a world event. All the channels were flashing only one thing, ‘Royal Wedding – William marries Kate at 3.30pm today in Westminster’. The enormous hype and publicity was enough to get me glued to the television screen. And then what I saw were, amazing visuals from London, n number of old men and women, great cars and superb online editing done by the men in charge of making the coverage reach millions of people.
The sad part though is that, it never felt interesting. Being an Indian, I love drama, I love when the unexpected happens, I love when people fall, I love when people forget what they have to say and I love when one person hits another and fights happen. Yes, we love entertainment. And all while when I was watching this sad, dull, boring wedding, how badly was I waiting for one such thing to happen. This boredom from my side, I guess was pretty normal. Sometimes we can’t relate to certain things and this wedding was one such thing.
By the end of it, I didn’t care who on earth was invited to it, I didn’t care whether the Beckham’s were also present at the function and nor did I care about what was on the menu. All my heart wanted was something that would make me watch the event which never really happened. Wish the wedding would have being more fun for me. Now that’s just my personal opinion. And not all might agree. But then since it was on my TV, which I have, to purely entertain me, I would have wanted more fun to it.
So to make it interesting for me, I started imagining  whacky things happening at the wedding. Kate Middleton falling in the aisle was one such thing. The news channels also had one weird and catchy headline flashing, ‘Prince Harry is the best man’. This was probably the best lines to play with. I imagined the headline to be changed to, ‘Prince Harry the best man – Kate Middleton’.  And then I was waiting for the couple to kiss, the royal kiss. Wanted the kiss to go horribly wrong so that I could laugh my ass off. All this is not because I am still against the Britishers for ruling over us, but it was because of the sheer boredom the entire setting brought to me.
The wedding, in short, was not for me or may be, not even for the crores of Indians. And this is what probably makes it one of the most stupid and a ‘waste of time’ event to have ever being aired on Indian news channels.