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you just got it worng baby!

I had always heard and seen the fascination westerners had for India’s mythological tales and their attraction towards the Hindu Gods. All these years it was common seeing celebrities from the west tattooing the names of their loved ones in devanagari or starting to practice Hinduism. A religion and its many Gods has become a style statement for many. But recently the woman who made heads turn with her love for Hinduism  was Lisa Burke.
An Australian designer, Lisa Burke showed the world her most bizarre side when she and her models walked the ramp at the Australia Fashion Week in Bikini’s having photos of Goddess Lakshmi. What do I term that? A perfect synonym for a brainless bimbo. In reply to this act of dumbness, the Australian weirdo said, ‘The use of images of Goddess Lakshmi was not in any way a measure of calculated risk taking, simply it was a desire to celebrate different cultures and share that through our brand.’ Now she got to be kidding me with her reply. Did she just say ‘IT WAS A DESIRE TO CELEBRATE DIFFERENT CULTURES AND SHARE THAT THROUGH OUR BRAND’. If it was to celebrate cultures, I would have been more happy if she depicted the aborigines from her own backyard on her ass.
Lisa and her team of models’ ‘Lakshmi on my ass’ act was not fashion but insane. I never understood why was there any need to do something that was bound to become controversial. Or sometimes the people from the west are just so fame hungry that they want to catch the eye of the world with something like this. I would say a Rakhi Sawant or a Mallika Sherawat  are better than such idiotic and stupid firangs. Atleast their acts aren’t as dumb and displeasing as these morons. They are just irritating:-)
The Lisa Burke adventure has not only made her a controversy amongst billions of Indian’s but also put a question mark over the fact that, can’t there be a rule which says, Hinduism is a religion and any act that goes against the sentiments of the religion and its people shall lead to serious consequences. I don’t know whether such a thing exists at present. If it doesn’t then I would be very happy if those in control can ring in such rules and if it already exists then I think Lisa Burke got to be the first lady on whom this rule should be spanked upon first.