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The top four teams from the premiership table
The thought of writing this blog came to mind the other night when Manchester United was playing against Chelsea. The match was termed as the biggest encounter and a virtual decider for this year’s premiership title. The end result was that the men in red claimed their 19th premiership title by beating Chelsea 2-1. This isn’t something that interested me to write this blog though. For me, all through the match, what was interesting was the fact that many people, precisely Indians were giving all those status updates and tweets via social networking sites.
I don’t have anything against those who support Manchester United or Chelsea, the problem though is the fact that half of those guys cheering and flaunting their loyalty are unaware of the basic rules and nuances of the game. The irony of this whole part is, all those Indian fans who root for ‘their team’ during the English premier league, choose their favorite teams from the top four of the table. Couldn’t imagine making a choice was that easy. Then what follows is the most idiotic and kiddo loyalty of buying jerseys and posting status updates on networking sites and then engaging in some cold war with those who are supporting your rival team, which again is obviously going to be the one from the top four.
I can understand people cheering religiously for their favorite IPL teams simply because of the fact that they can relate to it far more easily than that mysterious EPL thing.  According to me, those stupid asses going around shouting names of their favorite EPL team is nothing but a mere attention seeking gimmick which promotes the message, ‘Hey even I follow EPL, I am cool…be my friend!’. Holy shit!
Those crazy fans with beer belly’s, get the hell outta the bar and start kicking the ball. Our country doesn’t need a thousand Rooney’s, Drogba’s, Giggs’ or Gerrard’s, even 11 Baichung Bhutia’s will do. Love the game? Take the country to the next level and then show how freaking loyal you are about the game.

For me, sport that doesn’t give an individual an inner pride, which doesn’t make him passionate and which doesn’t create a desire in him to enjoy the game can be termed a waste of time. It’s time those dumb fellas supporting the red and blues grew up and stopped aping the west and understood that,