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It was just another day that I was returning from college, but   there was something unusual about that evening. I was not   stable from within. There was one thing that my mind was continuously thinking and that was about my friend, a close friend, a special friend.  I had suddenly started having a special corner for my best friend in college. She was the one with whom I spent hours together in the college campus. Bunked lectures with her to go out and enjoyed with her like hell.
On my way home, I couldn’t control my emotions and I thought it’s time I confess my love to her. I called her up only to find her number is busy. I was agitated, ‘How can she talk to somebody else even though she knows I am on the line’. This continued for about 15 minutes before I finally surrendered and stopped calling her. She finally called me back. I was angry at her. This might be silly for most people. The moment I received the call I said, ‘Couldn’t you hang up and talk to me?’. She asked me whether I was mad to be so hyper. She said, ‘Why are you behaving like this?’. I gathered all the guts in my pants and said, ‘because I cannot live without you’. She asked , ’What?’ and I repeated, ’Because I cannot see you with anyone else’. Girls will be girls and their ‘What do you mean’ syndrome won’t ever end. So she again asked me the same thing, ‘What do you mean?’. I had lost my mind. Never thought she won’t understand what I am saying. Finally I said, ‘I can’t be repeating the same thing all night’. And then alas she said, ’Ok fine, I understood what you wanted to say’. She had just understood my heart. Sometimes just beating around the bush proves to be effective. Without saying the magic words I had won her.
That was just the beginning, to what was, the best journey of my personal life. Just a matter of few minutes and my message was conveyed and my girl had understood it. We weren’t friends anymore. I had just taken it to the next level. The person who was my best friend had suddenly become my first love.