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It is surprising to know how differently people perceive life. It is even more surprising to know what dreams people have in life. Just the other day I was discussing the same with one of my friends and I happened to ask him, ‘what is the ultimate that you want to achieve in life?’. He gave a simple safe reply saying ,’I want a small apartment, a simple hatchback and a salary that is sufficient to last a month’.
My friend is not the only one who has such dreams, there are thousand others like him. But my question is only one, why not dream big? Do you have to pay to dream big? Why not be more bold and hungry for success? Why not dream of big plush apartment rather than a small one, why not dream of owning a sedan rather than a simple hatchback and why not earn a salary that lasts not just for a month but makes you tired the moment you start counting it?
Some may say I am just penning down fairy tale stories and building castles in the air. But that is not the case. My opinion about life has always been one, it’s just one life, let’s make it ridiculously big here. Because it’s now or never. Ever thought what a Bill Gates must be feeling when he is termed the richest man? Ever wondered what Mark Zuckerberg must be feeling when he is termed as the founder of facebook, a networking site that has revolutionalized the internet. Now think how did these people make it to where they are right now. It’s all in the magic of dreaming to succeed and making it big.
There is no point ending life with by saying it was a satisfactory life. Life is never satisfactory for those who want to be the best and be there at the top. They have always have a desire to grow and a desire to earn more. I always dream of living a life king size. For me, career has just started and at this time everyone has a spark in them to succeed. But my point is don’t ever let this spark disappear  from within.
We have only one life. Lets  end it with people remembering us for what we are. Lets  have the best of bank balance that we have the guts to buy a Porsche or a BMW at will, let’s  have money to go on a world tour. Lets make it so big that when your biggest rivals remember you, they should say,’I was better than him in college, don’t know how come this asshole went such a long distance?’.
Life’s just one, make the most of it.