Which website is better to start blogging? WordPress or blogger?

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Blogging Tips
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the blogger dilemma

With the virtual world expanding and developing at the speed of light, many try to create ways to express their opinions to the global audience or try to pursue their passion for writing so that it reaches a major chunk of people. Blogging helps a great deal in this. But the problem for most bloggers before they start blogging is, which website should they start blogging on. And the two major websites, namely wordpress and blogger lead to confusion in the minds of new bloggers.

I started off with blogger and then moved to wordpress. I would suggest, those having a desire to start a blog can start with blogger and once they are more acquainted with the nuances of the game, they can move to wordpress. The reason for this is that, blogger is more user friendly and it will give an idea of the basic terms required to be known before blogging. WordPress on the other is a little complicated to start off with. It has a lot of better options though.

One drawback that I have observed with blogger is that, it doesn’t give a lot of traffic as compared to wordpress. WordPress is highly efficient when it comes to listing fresh content that is recently posted onto the major search engines. It also generates pretty good traffic as compared to blogger.

Now, for all those bloggers who have started off with blogger and are not happy with their traffic, I would strongly advise you guys to move to wordpress. You can export your present blogger blog into wordpress without losing any published content. This will not only help you generate more traffic, but you can also use additional features from wordpress so that you can enhance the way you blog.

Enjoy blogging!

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