>What’s that obsession all about?

Posted: May 4, 2011 in My Blog, My Voice
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The thought of putting this blog came to my mind just the other day when I read about  a weird desire that Sachin Tendulkar had mentioned in the media. Now my opinion isn’t to pull the legend down on what he said or to criticize the maestro for his decision, but it is just the first thought that shot up in my head when I heard about it.
So what Sachin said was that he wants to make a gold plated statue of the late Satya Sai Baba who passed away a couple of days back. There was a sarcastic smile when I got to know this. That reaction, was due to the reason that, he was the man I idolized till date for the way he has lived life, for the way he has been grounded, for the way he has never let success go to his head. I have always hailed the kind of decisions he has taken in life. But the decision that he took about the gold plated statue, that was a blunder according to me. But I would not say that amongst a billion Sachin is the only one that I blame for getting it wrong. There are several others who are treading this path.
The self obsessed Mayawati is one such person. A woman who is always in the news, more for building her statues and gardens after her name rather than doing some fruitful work for her state. Her crazy birthdays just show the kind of madness that the woman has installed within herself. She has a series of statues in her state and the number is still going up.
Another  example is that of the Shivaji statue that is due to be built in the Arabian sea. I happened to ask a localite, about what he felt about the state’s decision to build the statue and he replied, ‘channgla aahe na…Marathi maansaacha satkar hou de’. That was silly for me.
The reason I gave the three examples is for a simple reason that our country is still developing and in this process, has a hell lot of problems to be dealt with in which people can play a major role. What will the building of statues give the nation? Bullshit. Why can’t the same money be utilized to build a school, hospital or used for the rehabilitation of slums? I don’t mind if a Sachin Tendulkar builds a hospital called Satya Sai Baba. Infact more than me, the Baba would be more happy to look from the skies at the hospital rather than looking at his own gold plated statue. The dumb politicians like Mayawati should atleast think once on how their state can be developed and made better with proper funds and planning rather than wasting money and  putting up their own ugly ridiculous statues which no one is bothered about except their party. Lastly the BMC who has come up with  the outrageous idea of the Shivaji statue in the middle of the Arabian sea should see the various other problems that the city is facing. They can use the same money for the rehabilitation of the slums. They should remember that the reason why a foreign director won an Oscar after shooting a movie in India was not because he showed the Marine Drive but because he showed the slums and the poor and hungry India. That in itself is one big tight slap on our nation. And then when I hear these people obsessed with statues, it just gets more irritating for me.  Isn’t it a shame that the people who have power, who have money fail to identify how they can utilize it to the optimum. I, as a person strongly feel that this trend of making statues and making people demi Gods at various chowks and signals should be replaced by the building up of hospitals, educational institutions, houses for slum dwellers etc. Atleast we won’t be a society that has beggars on one side and then people owning the most expensive homes in the world on the other. Preferences should be listed looking at the condition in which the nation is running.
I feel this statue obsession should be replaced by letting one’s common sense strive for philanthropic activities so that people whom we hail or admire are also proud at what we have done and that in itself would be a great tribute to the great people than building statues.

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